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Permanent Accent Lighting in the GTA

Permanent Accent Lighting in GTA

As LED lighting technology improves, there are many different exterior design uses homeowners can take advantage of. Permanent accent lighting in the GTA adds character to buildings – both residential and commercial. Individual character and ambiance can be created with simple and elegant lighting or flashy and colourful light shows. No matter what your fancy, show off your true colours with permanent accent lighting.


Shout out your accomplishments, personal milestones or favourite sports teams’ successes from the roof top with LED strip lighting. No longer just for Christmas, LED lights are easy to have professionally installed and require virtually no maintenance. When not lit up, the lights used in the Movilume system are very discreet and are less than an inch in size. But with more than 350 lumens of brightness, each LED light can shine brightly for less energy consumption. This is great for environmentally conscientious folks who want to reduce energy use and be more efficient. And as this is permanent lighting, there is no need to drag out the ladder in dangerous winter conditions to take down the Christmas lights. These systems only require one installation, making it hassle-free. Do consider the climate your lighting system is made for as some may not be prepared to handle the harsh Canadian winters. Permanent lighting shines all year long after the initial install, keeping you safe while you enjoy the special effects.


Create a Backyard Oasis with LED Lighting

Accent lighting is not just for the roof tops. Highlight walkways and patio areas with permanent accent lighting. GTA homeowners value their outdoor living spaces and create a "backyard oasis” to enjoy all summer long. Light up gazebos, pool areas, pagodas and patios by using colourful and striking light shows.


For commercial applications, restaurants and hotels in particular, benefit from permanent accent lighting. The proper lighting can accent an existing brand or help to develop a new one. Permanent accent lighting is used in exterior dining areas to create a fun and exciting environment. With low-maintenance requirements and high energy efficiency, LED neon lighting is a great choice economically for any business to implement.

Customizable patterns and colour sequences offer a unique experience for home or business.


Think of how striking the CN Tower is lit up in themed colours depending on the time of year. Driving along the Gardiner and weaving downtown, many are in awe of it’s striking effect. Whether the Blue and White when the Leafs are playing, or the powerful Rainbow during Pride, most are taken in by its effect. Why not have that in your own back yard this year with permanent accent lighting? Contact a reputable installer in the GTA today and show off your character in a blaze of colour!